Soft Xpansion Ukraine implements an electronic document management system for the Niva Pereyaslavschiny Group of Companies
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Soft Xpansion Ukraine implements an electronic document management system based on the SX-Business platform for the Niva Pereyaslavschiny Group of Companies


Soft Xpansion Ukraine has launched a new project to implement a system of electronic workflow based on the SX-Business platform for the Niva Pereyaslavshchiny Group of Companies. The project assumes automation of classical processes of document workflow (processing of incoming, outgoing and internal documents), as well as contractual activities in accordance with practices and industry standards accepted in the holding.

The implementation of the SEW will allow the Niva Pereyaslavschiny Group of Companies to carry out partially transition to paperless workflow between legal entities that make it up, and will provide an opportunity to build a legally significant workflow both inside the holding and with external counterparties.

During the implementation of the project, special attention is given to training the key users of the company with basic tools for setting up the SX-Business platform. In the future, this will allow the customer to independently configure the automation of tasks without involving technical specialists.

“The Niva Pereyaslavschiny group of companies has a strong position in the market in the segments of breeding and growing pigs, as well as in the production and processing of pork meat under its own brand “P’yatachok”. The transition to electronic document management is a logical movement of the company towards the development of modern information technologies aimed at optimizing management processes and increasing the efficiency of the existing business model”, said Sakelis Vitalijs, director of the Niva Pereyaslavshchiny Group of Companies.

The introduction of this system is designed not only to speed up the internal processes of preparing, reviewing, agreeing and signing documents, but also significantly reducing the overall costs of the customer for the document workflow. At the same time, the solution excludes incidents of loss of documents and errors related to their irrelevance, ensures the reliability of document storage, transparency and controllability of harmonization procedures, compliance with business process rules and control of performance discipline.

“We are positive that effective solutions in the field of electronic document management should be based on the principle of “uniqueness” of each customer, taking into account the specifics of its activities, industry identity, organizational structure and the specifics of internal business processes”, commented Eduard Prodedovich, general director of Soft Xpansion Ukraine, “That’s why our products and experiences will be trusted by the leaders of the priority sectors of the national economy.”

The Niva Pereyaslavshchiny Group of Companies is a Ukrainian-British joint venture and a vertically integrated business model. The main activities of this company are: growing of grain crops, drying and storage of grain, production of compound animal feedstuff, breeding and sales of pigs and chilled pork meat, as well as meat products under its own brand “P’yatachok”, construction of buildings and logistics services.

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