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Kernel is the world’s leading and largest producer and exporter of sunflower oil in Ukraine, a key supplier of agricultural products from the Black Sea region to the world markets. It exports products to more than 60 countries.

Completed projects:

System of electronic workflow

Solution: implementation of an innovative solution – a legally significant electronic workflow based on the Microsoft Office 365 cloud platform and K2 platform.


      • A single information space for teamwork has been created, access to which is provided through the personal accounts of employees. The information space includes:
        • HR-module: an information piece about the career, data on the employee’s subordination and strategic tasks
        • Consolidated list of tasks assigned to the employee with the ability to track the terms of their implementation and the performance discipline
        • A general list of tasks and processes that are under the control of the employee
        • Means of aggregated search among all information resources of the company
        • A common corporate catalog of business processes and applications available to the employee, depending on his authority.
      • A mechanism is implemented for handling tasks from e-mail clients and Telegram messenger, which is especially important for employees working out of the office
      • Approval processes, HR procedures, internal audit processes and the managerial workflow are automated
      • Archives of regulatory and reference information, archive of legal documents and court cases are created
      • Basic corporate applications of employees are automated (more than 10 types of applications: ordering meeting rooms and cars, approving trips, etc.)
      • Integration of the system with the corporate landscape of the company is implemented, namely with the Navision ERP system, accounting 1C modules, the project management system on the JIRA platform, and with corporate directories and catalogs
      • Analytical reporting subsystem is implemented by means of Microsoft Power BI, which is also a part of the Office 365 platform
      • Possibility of operational and tactical planning in the personal and general corporate calendar is realized
      • Possibility is created for team collaboration and communication of the company’s personnel by means of the corporate social network Yammer, integrated with other Office programs
      • Adaptive design is implemented to ensure optimal interaction with the user regardless of the type of device

Results of implementation:

      • Increase the effectiveness of the corporate management system. Due to the automation of business processes, the speed and quality of management decision-making, the implementation of HR procedures, internal audit processes and managerial workflow are increasing, which provides progressive systemic changes in the management of company resources
      • Reduction of logistics costs. The implementation of legally significant electronic workflow avoids the costs associated with organizing paper workflow (paper costs, maintenance of office equipment and purchase of consumables, transfer of hard copies between territorially remote business units and offices, as well as storage and disposal of paper carriers)
      • Saving working time and increasing labor productivity. After the implementation of electronic workflow in Kernel, the time for approving and signing for certain types of documents was reduced from 2 or 3 weeks to 2 days. The solution enabled to put an end to losses of working time, freeing up reserves for personnel to perform new tasks, thus increasing the efficiency of using working time
      • Elimination of cases of document losses. The creation of an electronic document approval mechanism avoids the loss of paper documents. Information is safely stored in several data centers at once, and due to its multiple copying, the risk of loss is eliminated
      • Transparency of business processes. Standardization and automation of business processes contribute to the sustainable development of the company in compliance with the current legislation, the principles of transparency and honesty, and the policy of social responsibility, while limiting the possibility of conflicts of interests, violations of internal policies and procedures, abuse of trust or position in the company
      • Safety of business processes. The decision eliminates the possibility of forgery of signature and signed documents, fully meeting modern requirements and information security standards
      • Individual approach. When implementing a legally significant electronic workflow, the specifics of the activities and needs of the customer, corporate principles and standards, the specifics of the management system and business processes are taken into account. This approach to implementing the solution allows us to achieve a powerful synergetic effect that can positively influence the overall financial result of the customer

Project outlook:
The further development of the system of electronic legally significant workflow provides for the automation of project work in the company, the activities of the company’s structural divisions, and the expansion of the catalog of automated business processes.


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