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This bank, founded in 1994, belongs to ING, an international finance group.

The cardinal point of bank activities is servicing and crediting of major corporate clients. The bank is also an active participator of the monetary and financial market.

Completed projects:

Archive of customer profiles and operations (on the basis of OpenText Documentum)

Implementation results:

  • Contains over 1,000,000 customer profiles
  • Is employed over a distance of 4 years, successfully
  • Is used in subdivisions of 6 countries of Central and Eastern Europe
  • Document management costs are lowered more than 2-fold
  • A system of multi-criteria separation of access rights for users from various company divisions is implemented
  • A corporate portal (on the basis of SharePoint)

Implementation results:

  • Is used in the subdivisions of 6 countries of Central and Eastern Europe
  • The End-of-Day module (maintenance supervision) is implemented
  • A multi-level system of access and publications (bank-to-bank data, information of certain departments)
  • Currency cross-rates, recent versions of regulatory documents of the NBU/bank etc. are published
  • A system of project office management (on the basis of SharePoint)

Implementation results:

  • Central monitoring of the current bank project conditions
  • Project risk management
  • A subsystem of business analytics for consolidated reporting on current project activities and the overall project situation.


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