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The specialists of Soft Xpansion Ukraine have got experience and knowledge to provide the banks with additional competitive advantages by implementing the software solutions of automating banking processes. By using our software solutions, you will optimize operational costs, increase gains thanks to better concentration of employees on selling, decrease the operation risks, improve the performance discipline, reduce errors and, thereby, return your investments quickly.

We also offer easy customizable and typical software solutions which decrease the implementation costs and operate with high functionality. Beside the standard electronic office workflow, we offer to automate the broad range of special banking processes.

The electronic workflow

The electronic workflow provides the possibility to automate the overall office work of the bank, i.e. all incoming and outgoing documentation, orders, regulations, contracts and other documents.

It also enables you to refrain from the unnecessary paper bureaucracy in managing internal banking processes. A lot of business activities can be automated and thus simplified and you will leave in the past the long lasting periods from idea to introduce or to change some banking processes till bringing this idea into action.

The main advantage of implementing the system of electronic workflow is a considerable reduction of expenditures for handling the documents, including their coordinating, signing, sending for a review, making resolutions etc., which will accelerate the process of decision-making and performing tasks, significantly. The results are the increased manageability and safety level and the control over the execution of instructions within the established deadlines will be simplified.  Tracing the document on all stages of its life cycle and further searching it will become simpler, too.


Archive of customer profiles

An archive of customer profiles enables to centralize safekeeping the customers’ documents in the electronic and paper form and to provide the access to the customers’ information for all division employees discharging their corresponding duties of office. It makes possible to use one-time client’s identification to avoid useless time expenditures of sale places for identifying the customer who is already registered, to save paper costs and to free more time for the main managing tasks, which means canvassing for customers and selling them bank products.

As a result of implementing the electronic archive of customer profiles, your bank will get a loyal customer who is satisfied with the “non-stop” service, i.e. with the opportunity of being provided with an appropriate range of services in any branch of a certain bank nationwide.

The introduction of an electronic archive is a real step to centralizing the bank operations, especially of the back-office. The benefits of this centralization are now well known to the banks which decrease wage costs, improve quality and control and free up time for managers to perform more productive tasks etc. The example of such banks shows, that tremendous economic effect can be achieved.


System of monitoring the profile delivery

The system of monitoring the profile delivery from the sale places to the centralized safekeeping places is used for defining the profile location even before the moment of its incoming to the storing center (immediately after the bank product was verified). That means, it is clear to you at every stage where can be the certain profile of a certain customer physically found.

Thanks to this system, a possibility emerges to control the dates of submitting the customer profiles for centralized storing by sale places, to receive actual information about the profile location as well as to inform the performers about the day the profile should be sent to the store and about the necessity to send the profiles which were not transferred to the storage center within the established deadlines.

And now, the most important fact is, that using the system of monitoring the customer profile delivery allows practically to reduce to zero the risks of their losses.


The electronic archive of currency control documents

For it, a common card catalog of customers is employed, who perform foreign currency transactions, and a common storage is formed for the electronic documents of the currency control division.

The introduction of the archive for currency control documents will enable you to increase the quality of handling documents and to reduce the costs of safekeeping the paper documents. The systemized storing the documents in the electronic archive will simplify their searching, because it will become possible to search according to various criteria and simplify adjusting various required reports.

In addition, using this electronic archive will result in higher quality of client service and in shorter time of performing operations, which is equally important both to the customer and to the bank.


System of managing the archives of paper documents

This is the matter of archival storing hard copies and source documents not only those belonging to clients but all documents which are formed by banking and concern book-keeping, staff, house-keeping etc.).

By means of the solution “Archival office work” you can automate:

  • Forming and keeping the Register of profiles
  • Completing the profiles in the structural divisions
  • Transferring the profiles from the structural divisions to the archive
  • Lending for temporary use
  • Working with the archive profiles and documents
  • Destroying documents
  • Searching the documents by requisites and forming the reports

If you use the system of managing the archive of paper documents, you can optimize and automate all processes associated with accounting and transferring the archive documents.


Loan processing automation

Loan processing automation will help you to avoid the lengthy and complicated process of coordinating requests and, by this, to accelerate handling the accepted requests and to increase the number of credits to deal in, i.e. to start the “credit conveyer”.

This solution can be composed so that the credit history of the potential borrower will be checked by inquiring the data from the Bureau of Credit Histories. This way, the “hopeless” loan applications will be declined promptly, because the further time expenditure for considering them is senseless.

If the customer wishes, it is possible to apply the scoring decision-making about credit requests for small sums.

Loan processing automation will enable to simplify and to accelerate all loan processes significantly, from composing the request of the potential client to the moment of granting the credit. This will increase the number of granted credits and the banking gains, respectively.


Generating of financial monitoring questionnaires

This solution enables to automate forming and filling electronic questionnaires for financial  monitoring of customers of the bank.

This automation will provide the possibility to free the time of employees on points of sales and to avoid risks of human factor influence, e.g. lack of formed questionnaires because of the employee’s overcharge or ignorance etc.


Portal solutions

The corporate portal is very useful for each bank because it contains a lot of most important and commonly accessible regulatory and administrative information presented in a structured form, which significantly reduces the time for searching it.

As a result of introducing the corporate portal, the bank receives a tool for forming the corporate culture, increasing the level of employees’ competence and the quickness of divulgence inside the bank. Every employee gets the possibility of convenient searching professional colleagues in the telephone directories, of finding information and documents on the portal etc. In other words, the effectiveness of vertical and horizontal communications is increasing considerably.


Recognition of documents on the basis of ABBYY technologies

Soft Xpansion Ukraine is a partner of the company ABBYY and offers the recognition of documents on the basis of the ABBYY technologies. We work mainly with the server versions ABBYY Recognition Server and ABBYY FlaxyCapture. These versions allow to adjust stream scanning and recognizing on several stations for working with a huge number of bank documents of various types: structured (e.g. questionnaires, requests for plastic cards), partially structured (e.g. financial documents, contracts) and non-structured (text documents, e.g. prescriptions and letters).

By applying the ABBYY technologies you will get the possibility not only to convert the scanned documents to editable formats but also to extract important data from the documents (accounts, contracts etc.) and save them to the database or to import them into other systems, e.g. into the fields of the card of the electronic workflow systems. There is a possibility of high-quality extracting both printed and written texts or digits as well as various marks (ticks, crosses) used in customer questionnaires and different types of barcodes.

As a result, entering data will be accelerated regardless of their type. At that, the data credibility is guaranteed by the high quality of recognizing the data and by the availability of the verification stations in the business process of document recognition.

The capacity of searching documents in the electronic archive will also increase substantially – this search is carried out on the basis of the text or the document attributes.


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