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Many enterprises have accumulated their own powerful calculation bases, adapted to the specific conditions and to the requirements of the concrete enterprise. As a rule, these calculation bases are designed for the standard calculation methods but they use the in-house practical knowledge and investigation results of enterprise activities. It is often so, that in-house calculation methods are indeed a knowledge base ensuring normal functioning of the enterprise and, respectively, punctual releasing of new production.

Unfortunately, few enterprises can say for certain, that its calculation base is kept in the proper state and convenient for everyday using. Here are the basic criteria to verify the unsatisfactory state of the calculation methods of the enterprise:

  • The calculation is not automated, i.e. it is available only in the paper form
  • The calculation is partially automated, i.e. the program is provided, but on some calculation step  a human intervention is necessary, e.g. to enter values from diagrams or tables
  • The program is so outdated that it is impossible to run it on a contemporary computer
  • The software has an inconvenient interface
  • The software does not allow to store the initial data for reusing them and/or to save the calculation results in the electronic form
  • The software needs to be polished but because of the absence of a skilled specialist it is used “as it is”
  • Impossibility or difficulty to transfer the experience of working with this software to young specialists

The company Soft Xpansion Ukraine has several years’ experience of transferring the calculation bases of enterprises on the MDESIGN platform for the European enterprises (projects TORVIA, TSUBAKI, MDESIGN drive, MDESIGN PC bolt, VDI etc.).

The solutions are designed on the basis of the software products MDESIGN author and MDESIGN Explorer.


The employment of such projects includes the following ground stages:

  • Developing the software block diagram
  • Transferring the program code into modern programming languages
  • Verifying, debugging, testing the software
  • Creating the reference system
  • Training the customer’s personnel for working with the software product
  • Guarantee service. download presentation




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