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product-pdf_03Soft Xpansion PDF technologies are unique solutions enabling the corporate and state bodies to provide more convenient access to their products and services by means of electronic forms.

You can create your own applications with extended self service functions intended to provide the inside and outside users with a convenient access to the necessary data, processes, services and persons.

Soft Xpansion PDF technologies are a complex of cross-integrated business administration tools with electronic forms, data safety mechanisms and generation tools for electronic and printed documents.

Using the Soft Xpansion PDF technologies will enable you to lower the costs for paper-work, to accelerate preparing documents, to optimize the process of decision-making and to ensure the compliance control of regulatory requirements.

Software products

A software package of the Perfect PDF & Print family for creating, editing and managing PDF files and other documents, designed for individual and business users on small and medium-size enterprises.  A complete package and specialized publications will help you to select the right software to solve your specific problems and to save your money.


Perfect PDF  Premium Perfect PDF & Print
Perfect PDF Converter Perfect Print
Perfect PDF Editor


Development tools

The API set for developing high performance PDF/XPS applications and software solutions. The offered API set provides you with powerful capabilities to create PDF, PDF/A or XPS documents, to display and to print them, to convert between these two formats, to export and/or to import to/from other formats etc.


PDF Creator Server Print to Document
PDF Xpansion SDK


Server products

Server solutions for the workflow using Soft Xpansion PDF will enable you to convert Microsoft Office documents, text files, pictures and other printable documents to PDF, PDF/A and bitmap images. In addition, we provide designing documents by means of automatic application of water signs, imprints, digital signatures, forms, backgrounds etc. Management and distribution of documents are carried out conveniently and with high productivity because they are built-in into the processes of your document management system.


PDF Render Center