soft Xpansion Ukraine took part in International IT Forum 2019 – soft Xpansion Ukraine
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soft Xpansion Ukraine took part in International IT Forum 2019


Recently, soft Xpansion Ukraine has participated in International IT Forum 2019 that took place in Zaporizhia on 27 September, 2019.


The event participants presented the digital state concept with a roadmap, its implementation, benefits of digital changes and their availability for citizens.

The following questions to consider were key during the panel discussion:

  • Opportunities for successful implementation of experience of Estonia in digital state creation
  • Successful practices of services digitization in Ukraine: opportunities and challenges
  • Ukraine’s potential to become a product country
  • Private-public partnership potential: formula for effectiveness
  • Government inquiries and business capabilities

Oleg Pidenko, Marketing and Sales Director in soft Xpansion Ukraine, was one of the speakers in panel discussion “DIGITAL FUTURE”. The topic of his speech was practices of implementation of modern state-level IT-solutions in Ukraine and successful experience of collaboration with European partners.

Key points of the speech were the following:

The Forum was conducted by the group of companies Global Genesis with the support of The Presidential Office of Ukraine.