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Automation of HR-processes is a complex of modern software solutions and tools designed to solve key personnel tasks efficiently by automating and optimizing the following business processes:

  • A request for personnel recruitment is a tool that automates the recruitment process, including processing applications, identifying participants in a business process, forming and signing a coordination sheet, and tracking the status of application execution
  • A request for an employment confirmation letter – an automation tool for obtaining employment information by employees. Provides automatic identification of participants in the process, tracking the status of the application and sending out reminders to responsible persons about the need for tasks
  • A vacation request letter is a tool for automating the submission and approval of a vacation request letter. Provides the possibility to automatically determine the number of days of leave, depending on the position of the employee and the type of vacation, visual display of vacation periods, the direct submission of a request, the automatic formation of the coordination sheet, monitoring the status of the application, etc
  • Finalizing the vacation schedule is a complex system that allows you to automate the process of drawing up and finalizing holiday schedules for company employees with the function of controlling compliance with planned schedules and the ability to initiate introduction and approval of changes to them
  • Information management system for requests for training of staff is a comprehensive system that allows optimizing the business process of advanced vocational training and personnel training through automation of submission and processing of requests for participation in trainings, development of electronic courses, conducting survey and testing, etc. The system enables you to synchronize the plan with personal and corporate calendar, integrates with the financial systems used to make a preliminary and final account of the costs of training activities
  • An application for the transfer of an employee in an organization is a tool that allows you to automate the process of staff reshuffle of employees (from one post to another, from one unit into another unit, from one business unit to another) within the organization. Enables to identify process participants and application route, generate a coordination sheet and track the status of the application, automatically
  • Dismissal of an employee, exit check list – these are automated business processes for the release of the Customer’s workforce: generating and finalizing of the employee’s exit check list, identifying of participants in the process, tracking the request status, with the subsequent documenting of vacant positions of the company

Advantages of the system implementation:

  • Reducing time spent on typical staffing procedures. The ability to automatically submit and process applications of different types, creating template staffing documents, can speed up key HR processes, from recruiting and hiring personnel, training and internal corporate reshuffle, to the release of staff and documenting of vacant posts
  • Simplification of employees’ interactions. Automation of HR-processes involves a significant reduction in the need for personal contacts of employees in the process of executing personnel tasks and coordination procedures. Particularly noticeable is the effect of facilitating interaction in companies with a large number of staff and a complex chain of finalizations, as well as groups of companies, which include dispersed business units, divisions and offices
  • Ensuring transparency in personnel processes. One of the conditions of social responsibility of modern business is not only an effective policy of personnel management, but also its compliance with the principles of integrity, transparency and openness, and a reduction in the level of influence of the “human factor” in the process of making managerial decisions
  • Increase of executive discipline of employees. The presence of a system of regular automatic reminders, the ability to track the timing and the current staffing tasks ensure timely and complete performance of the company’s employees planned / required HR-procedures. Thus, automation of personnel issues allows the customer to reduce the number of errors in the work, improve the general executive discipline of staff, to avoid violations of labor legislation and possible financial sanctions
  • Personnel information security. Implementation of the automated system of HR-processes prevents the loss of primary information about employees, and flexible settings enable to distribute access rights to personnel documentation and ensure its targeted use
  • Powerful integration capabilities. The system of automation HR-processes is easy to integrate with other systems of the company, including personnel and financial systems, providing a complete synchronization with the relevant business processes

The decision on automation of HR-processes is focused on:

  • Enterprises, organizations of all forms of ownership and industries / service sectors
  • State institutions, foundations, public organizations, other institutions with medium and large numbers of employees
  • Enterprises with complex organizational and management structure and long chain of conciliation procedures
  • Companies and holdings including geographically dispersed offices, divisions or structural units
  • A fast-growing business

The company Soft Xpansion Ukraine offers modern software solutions of automating HR-processes on the basis of the platforms Alfresco, Docsvision, OpenText Documentum, Microsoft SharePoint.

The company Soft Xpansion Ukraine carries out the complete cycle of implementing and provides technical support of typical solutions of automating HR-processes as well as carries out works of developing and adjusting the offered systems to the special requirements of your enterprise or institution.




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