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Contract management is a modern solution for the automation of contractual activities of an enterprise, which allows not only to speed up the review and approval processes, but also to reduce overall costs for document workflow, while avoiding incidents of loss of documents or errors committed due to the fact that they are executed in many versions.

Automation covers all key actions and stages of the contractual process – from the initiation of the draft contract, its approval, to the control of fulfilling the contractual obligations.


  • Presence of a set of ready-made cards of contractual documents (contract, act, supplementary agreement) with the possibility of manual or automatic (by synchronizing with the directories of the enterprise) filling in the fields with relevant data (subject, duration, amount of contract, etc.)
  • Automatic filling out of templates of contractual documents using the data contained in the document card
  • Ability to configure different routes for finalizing contract documents depending on the type of contract, amount or other conditions, automatic determination of the route of documentation passage
  • Implementation of all approving procedures in automatic mode, eliminating the need for “personal” contact of process participants and their location in the workplace
  • Ability to make changes in the text of the document, add comments and attach additional files in the finalization process, the history of communications in the document card
  • Documenting all actions in the history of the document, control over the number of versions and revisions of contracts
  • Ability to combine all edits into one final document
  • Automatic generation of registration numbers of contractual documentation according to specified rules
  • Online search of contracts in the system according to various attributes
  • Tracking the status, timing and progress of performance of contractual obligations, with the function of reminders and the possibility of automatic prolongation of the contract

Advantages of using the automated contract management system:

  • Reduction of time for preparation and approval of a package of contractual documentation
  • Simplification of interaction between employees of different departments in the process of working with contracts
  • Systematization and classification of all contractual activities of the enterprise
  • Possibility of parallel / consecutive agreement of contracts in automatic mode
  • Elimination of errors committed due to numerosity of versions of documents, and non-compliances in the process of registration of contractual documentation
  • The ability to monitor the passage of the contract, elimination of incidents associated with its loss
  • Ensuring the security and reliability of the storage of documents, access rights differentiation applied to it
  • Integration with used accounting systems of the enterprise, synchronization with existing business processe
  • Ensuring transparency in the finalization process for contractual documentation

The company Soft Xpansion Ukraine offers modern software solutions for automating process of contract management on the basis of the platforms Alfresco, Docsvision, OpenText Documentum, Microsoft SharePoint.

The company Soft Xpansion Ukraine carries out the complete cycle of implementing and provides technical support of typical solutions for automating process of contract management as well as carries out works of developing and adjusting the offered systems to the special requirements of your enterprise or institution.




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