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The modern workflow implies automating of processes connected with creating documents, their coordination, approval an, consideration, carrying out assignments and control of passing the document through all determined stages. Besides, the electronic workflow enables handling, centralized and safe storing the documents and a structured access to the electronic archive.

The solutions of Soft Xpansion Ukraine provide optimizing and automating all processes associated with creating documents, their coordination, approval an, consideration, carrying out assignments and control of passing the document through all determined stages. Our solutions are based on the concept of uniform data space and enable creating a unified system of operating with every content in most different formats.

Benefits of implementation

  • Quick and high-quality handling of incoming, internal and outgoing documentation
  • Acceleration of processes of passing and coordinating the documents inside the enterprise
  • Decreased number of errors occurring in the work with documents. Possibility of controlling every single document or a set of documents and of checking the completion of orders etc.
  • Wide capacities for analysis by specified and customizable parameters
  • Possibility of teamwork (including the remote users)
  • Possibility of cryptographic data protection at sending them off (data protection against changes at sending)
  • Possibility of using the electronic digital signature right today (within the institution) for exactly identifying the document and proving its integrity
  • Considerable decreasing of costs for preparing the outgoing documentation (including the large number of documents which should be sent off to customers or partners)

Main solution features

  • Organizing a protected electronic archive of documents
  • Automating the processes of the general clerical work (handling of incoming, outgoing and internal documents)
  • Automating the contract activities
  • Automating the process of coordinating the documents
  • Optimizing the process of servicing the requirements of customers
  • Automating the workflow, associated with the processes of sailing and purchasing
  • Automating the clerical work associated with the processes of manufacturing
  • Optimizing the processes of making resolutions and placing orders
  • Performance discipline control (automatic reports about fulfilled orders)
  • Optimizing the processes of handling the requests (Service-Desk, requests for production, equipment, materials and goods etc.)
  • Optimizing the mutual relations with deliverers and customers
  • Scanning, digitalizing, recognizing and importing of documents
  • Keeping the archives, managing the engineering, designing and project documentation
  • Electronic digital signature and coding
  • Integration of electronic workflow systems with the other data systems of your enterprise
  • Automating the staff records management etc.

The company Soft Xpansion Ukraine offers the systems of electronic workflow on the basis of the platforms Alfresco, Docsvision, OpenText Documentum, Microsoft SharePoint.

The company Soft Xpansion Ukraine carries out the complete cycle of implementing and provides technical support of typical solutions of automating the electronic workflow as well as carries out works of developing and adjusting the offered systems to the special requirements of your enterprise or institution.




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