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MDESIGN is both a software complex for engineering calculations and for optimizing machine parts and mechanisms and an information system of standards, rules and methods of calculation and utilization of machine elements in the manufacturing practice. MDESIGN is developed since 1990 by TEDATA (Germany).

Currently, the MDESIGN software complex is a reliable partner of more than 15,000 designers around the world. The package consists of more than 500 mechanical calculations for machine building and a system for developing applicative calculations. Among the users of the MDESIGN system there are such well-known companies as BMW AG, Bosch GmbH, Siemens AG, SKF, Daimler Chrysler AG, Iveсo Magirus AG, Ferrari S.P.A., Porsche AG and many others.

This is one of the best CAE systems, which is unrivaled in the world in a number of parameters. Beside Ukraine, this system is distributed in Germany, USA, Japan and Italy. The system enables calculating the machine parts of all types on the basis of actual national and foreign methods of calculation and standards (DSTU, GOST, OST, DIN, ISO, ANSI, FAG, SKF, VDI etc.).

The implementation of the package into the process of machine part design enables to increase the design quality and provides the possibility to create competitive machines not only within the country but also abroad.

In the system, MDESIGN author is a visualized environment of programming and development, which enables easily creating the own calculation modules even for employees without IT education. MDESIGN author provides wide possibilities for working with the databases, two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics and enables to add text and graphic help to the calculation. Using MDESIGN author you will be able to create your own calculation libraries without many efforts.

Benefits of using the MDESIGN platform:

  • Shorter time of performing the calculation procedures, standardization of the calculation works
  • Convenient and up-to-date interface, which is the same for all calculation modules and enables even not experienced employees to learn, to carry out and to describe the calculations, quickly
  • Professional services and recommendations of Soft Xpansion Ukraine specialists about transferring the calculation bases onto the MDESIGN platform and about developing the calculation modules on the basis of actual national and foreign lculation methods and standards (DSTU, GOST, OST, DIN, ISO, ANSI, FAG, SKF, VDI etc.)
  • Possibility of developing your own calculation libraries by means of your enterprise
  • Possibility of graphical entering of data and selecting standard parameters from the databases
  • Built-in software for the parametric analysis and optimization
  • Getting the outgoing documentation corresponding with the international standard DIN EN ISO 9000 as well as the possibility of saving it to the unchangeable format PDF, PDF/A
  • The MDESIGN project is developed steadily and offers guarantee service and other performances for users




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