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SX-Government is an electronic document flow system with various management functions for local or state authorities.

This software is developed by a domestic company Soft Xpansion Ukraine, and it requires only a web browser in order to start working.

State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine conducted an expertise and approved the examination results of SX-Government. As a result, the electronic document management software meets the requirements of normative documents on technical protection of information in scope of functions specified in the «Software tool for electronic document system SX- Government document. The technical requirements meet the criteria for technical protection of information and functional profile (KA-2, ГA-1, ДС-1, ДЗ-1, ОП-1, HP-2, НИ-2, НК-1, НO-1, НЦ -1, НT-2, K-2, HB-1) with the G-2 assurance level for assessing the correctness of their implementation in accordance with НД ТЗИ 2.5-004-99.

SX-Government» means:
  • Preformed functionality enabling to automate solving the most critical tasks of handling documents, resorts of citizens etc. within a short time
  • Conformity with the regulatory documents for carrying out the office work and handling the resorts of citizens, and with the requirements relating to the data format of the electronic workflow in the executive agencies etc.
  • Innovations: most contemporary requirements and trends in the electronic management have been considered
  • High adaptivity to the particularities of the structure and processes of every institution
  • Implementation of management functions: personal reception of citizens by public officials, planning events and meetings and reserving resources etc.

Composition of the solution SX-Government:

  • Paperwork
  • Personal reception of citizens by public officials
  • ASC
  • Events calendar
  • Staff
  • Internal portal
  • External portal

The suggested modules can be delivered both in the frames of the unified system and optionally (with that, working at the integration to other information systems is possible).