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SX-DMS–Government: “Workflow” is destined to automate the processes of creating, registration and safekeeping of documents (ingoing and outgoing mail, internal, regulatory, reference and administrative documents) for the further working with them (searching, generating of commissions, reports etc.) with access rights differentiation.


The “Workflow” module can be applied both to create the electronic workflow of the institution, autonomously, and in the unified system SX-DMS–Government including the automation of the administration service center, resorts of citizens, personal reception, staff, internal and external portals.

Benefits of implementation

  • The up-to-dateness of the institution and its conformity with the trends in using informational technologies to improve the effectiveness of the in-house activities and the quality of the cooperation with the citizens
  • A new level of observability, transparency and manageability of the institution
  • Well-timed handling of documents, resolutions and commissions
  • Releasing time of employees for solving really important problems
  • Immediate getting the credible reporting for the administration of the institution and higher bodies
  • Uniform protected information space of handling and storing documents:
    • Document access under the access right
    • Quick searching the required documents and all its interconnections
    • Elimination of losses of electronic document versions etc.
  • Reduction of costs for copying and storing the documentation
  • Possibility of integration into the multi-agency workflow

Key features of the solution

  • Registration and handling of all incoming mail, which includes the resorts of citizens
  • Preparation, coordination and registration of the outcoming mail
  • Automation of internal letter exchange (workflow) processes:
    • Internal memos
    • Internal reports
    • Protocols
    • Commissions etc.
  • Handling the assignments of the major chief, of chief executive officers and of the collegial bodyа
  • Handling the decisions of the executive committee
  • Handling the prescriptions of district (city) councils
  • Handling the orders from the main activity
  • Handling the orders and prescriptions concerning the establishment
  • Handling the agendum of the executive agency sitting and of the plenary assembly
  • Handling the documents of the group “Electronic archive of documents” etc.




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