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External Portal is the web portal of information resources of Administrative Services Center, which allows to automate the process of providing administrative services to citizens.

The web portal contains the general information about the center and provided services and makes it possible to download templates of documents, apply for a service, check the status of processing your request, obtain administrative service results, etc.


Information resources:

  • General information
  • News
  • Statistics
  • Templates of documents for receiving services
  • Possibility to check the processing status of a request
  • Ability to be listed in the queue (in case of integration with the electronic queue)

Information service cards:

  • Information on the subject of the service
  • Information about the service center
  • Legislative and regulatory acts
  • Terms of service
  • List of documents required to obtain the service, procedure and way of presenting the documents

“Personal resident account”:

  • User registration on the portal
  • User identification with BankID, electronic digital signature
  • Submission of an application for administrative service
  • Obtaining the results of administrative service execution
  • History of user hits

Integration with Online Administrative Services Center allows to:

  • Receive and process applications of residents sent from the web portal
  • Check the processing status of the applicant’s requests
  • Transfer the results of the execution of administrative services for appeals to the porta
  • Display statistical data on administrative services and appeals

This solution optimizes the procedure of providing administrative services, creates comfortable and accessible conditions for doing this and improves the quality of service through using of e-government tools.

Soft Xpansion International offers a full cycle of the development based on Alfresco, Docsvision, OpenText Documentum, Microsoft SharePoint, including preparing project requirements, development and testing, installation and adjustment, integration with the other systems and providing support.




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