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Support Portal: service efficiency and quality improvement


How to ensure effective technical support of clients of company or financial institution 24/7? How to reduce the number of unresolved issues and prevent customer outflow? Support Portal is a modern solution developed by soft Xpansion, which gives answers for above-mentioned questions.

портал поддержки

The technical support system (Support Portal SX-HelpDesk) is designed to automate processing of customers and internal users’ applications, to ensure uninterrupted operation of the company’s basic infrastructure. The Portal allows interaction with no threat to data safety and can be easily integrated with customer’s existing systems or company official web page. A single unified style designing is also provided.

Support Portal has been developed based on free version of Alfresco Community Edition Platform. Alfresco Community Edition usage for solutions development gives opportunity to adjust an information system on completely free server products set (operating system, database, application server, development tools), which provides low cost of ownership and low overheads when connecting new users.

The system can also be implemented based on Microsoft SharePoint platform.

System advantages:

  • Qualified three-level support for work with queries, registration of incidents 24/7
  • Ability to find any answers quickly using the portal knowledge library
  • Section for technical administrators: thematic collections, incident management manual, reporting, examples of integration
  • Information on issues solving provided via SMS or E-mail, news subscription, integration with social networks (Facebook, Twitter).

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