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The DocsVision 5 system aim at automation of document flow and business processes, including both general management activity and different functional tasks of the branches, and operational processes in corporate activity.



  For example:

  • Record management (or document support of management)
  • Contract management, starting with preparation of an offer to fulfillment of obligations
  • Repository for source documents of economic activity
  • Document flowassociated with new product development
  • Service operation of customer applications for product or service delivery
  • Internal supporting processes from processing business trip to technical services applications
  • Assignment management within current project activity
  • And much more, unmanageable by accounting systems ERP

You can use Docsvision 5 at different enterprises and organizations regardless it’s kind of activity and size. There are always documents, assignments and processes – base objects which make solutions based on Docsvision 5. Specification of different branch and functional tasks is reflected in Docsvision 5 based extensible application suite, launched by the Docsvision company and partners, and also custom solutions created in the process of implementation.

  Imbedded application “Document management”

Imbedded application “Document management” is the ready solution for electronic document flow. It is a part of the platform and serves as a basis for other more specific Docsvision 5 applications and custom solutions created in the process of implementation.

It employs basic functions of electronic document flow, needed in any organization. It can help to make routine work with documents and task convenient and efficient.

The application provides all basic activities with electronic documents:

  • Secure storing and convenient classifying
  • Flexible access rights differentiation
  • Editing documents and saving versions
  • Text and attribute search
  • Document coordination, signing and approval and also familiarization for the employees
  • Function of electronic signature
  • Task management: creation, execution and monitoring

The application has all the basic elements necessary for work:

  • Standard folder storage structure by document type and organization functional activities. There are appropriate view settings for the folders and search requests for document search.
  • Basic types of documents: correspondence, organizational/management, contractual, and random. There are setting of forms, life cycles and role model.
  • User’s workstation: structure of virtual folders for task and document display by different criteria the employee is working with.

Application “Document management” is aimed chieflyat mainstream use by employees at every working place for their cooperation inside their working teams. It enables to organize efficiently the work with electronic documents without needless formalization. At the same time the application provides simplified version of records management basic elements.

Application “Document management” is a ready off-the-shelf solution and the development basis at the same time. It is designed for the quick standard implementation and further functionality extending. All the elements are adjustable and customer oriented. In addition to “Document management” you can use other specialized applications Docsvision 5, and also create customized solutions when implementing.


Constructors are the key concept of Docsvision 5 system which provides scalability and adaptability.

Customers need fast, cost-effective and easily modified implementations. In the traditional software technology from scratch it is practically impossible.

This is possible only if we have at hand constructors: basic objects, and design and setting tools to create new ones on their basis – without programming. Thus solution development is not onlytime- and cost-saving, it drastically changes the whole process and actors: not only a programmer can develop a solution but also a specialist who can understand well domain area and is familiar with engineering environment. Instead of long process of requirements capturing and engineering, etc., you can well apply fast prototyping.

Docsvision 5 system is built on the very principle of such domain-specific constructor.

The basic objects which make the solution are folders, document cards, tasks and business processes, reference table, representations, search requests, reports, etc.

Correspondingly, the design tools are:

  • Folder constructor
  • Reference table
  • Category reference table
  • Representation constructor
  • Search request constructor
  • Card engineering environment:
    • Card type reference table
    • Markup constructor
    • State constructor
    • Role constructor
    • Script constructor
  • Enum rules constructor
  • Reference table constructor
  • Business-processes constructor

In the constructor technology Docsvision 5, programming is applied only as scripts, defining additional and actions in business processes.

Thus, constructors, completing platform core and ready solutions, provide fast, economical, and easily modified implementations.

  System structure

Docsvision 5 is a large-scale and adjustable document management and business processes system.

It is a balanced complex, which includes:

  • Platform – basis for creating and working of various solutions
  • Applications – ready solutions for fast implementation of standard functionality
  • Constructors – tools for fast development and modification of application solutions
  • Additional modules – tools for enhancement


Docsvision 5 is built on modern three-layer architecture “Client – Application Server – Database Server”:

  • Database server – Microsoft SQL Server-based, saves all system data and settings, Windowshigh-availability cluster is supported, and own clustering technology with load balancing
  • Application Server – based on Microsoft IIS in stateless architecture, serves customer inquiries on data access, NLB clustering is supported for high-availability and load balancing
  • Client – .NET-application with possibility to launch via web-browser, manages data input and displaying for users

Numerous client-server interfacing protocols are supported, including HTTP(S)\SOAP, which enables users to work both in local network and remotely via internet.

Together with standard Docsvisin Navigator, Docsvision additional clients are provided for specific usage scenarios, including ones for specific devices and built-in commonly used system interfaces: Light Client, SharePoint-client, Outlook-client, Manager Pad fori Pad, mobile informer and helper for smartphones, etc.

Docsvision 5 has open interfaces of application programming (API), which provides development of platform-based plug-ins and settle into external systems. For simpler integration into enterprise other systems, Docsvision includes ready communications servers for the most common systems (file system, e-mail, Microsoft SharePoint, 1C: Enterprise, etc.). If the system does not have a communication server, you can use API-interface.

The web-services are developed to have access to basic platform functions.


Docsvision 5 can efficiently work both in local solutions with several users and distributed solutions with thousands of users.

Load testing carried out on Docsvision 5 confirmed that it can work under the following load:

  • Users – thousands
  • Documents per day – tens of thousands
  • Documents in total – hundreds of millions
  • Volume of database – tens of terabyte

For the large scale solutions on the stage of implementation we form optimal architecture and performance of hardware-software solutions, behavior, and create optimized components and solutions.

Scaling within one server-based complex is provided by means of Microsoft platform, supported multiprocessor configurations and 64-bit mode, clustering of all components: database server, application server workflow server.

If the solutions Docsvision 5 are territorially distributed we provide two strategies:

  • Remote access to the server for clients: web-access, terminal access
  • Interaction between servers

In existing solutions we use both methods and mixed one.


Docsvision 5 provides high level of data security. Platform security system is based on security mechanisms of Microsoft platform. Users don’t have the direct access to the database, all their requests are managed by application server.

There are two base access mechanisms to the documents or other system objects. They are integrated into Windows security system:

  • Discretionary – assignmentfor each object of the list of users who have access with differentiation by levels: Full access/Delete/Read data/Data record/Create subclass/Delete subclass/Copy/Read resolutions/Edit resolution/Change owner
  • Mandatory – assignment to each object the access level and each user allowance level and ban on working with objects of higher security level

At that there is supported function of rights inheritance from superclass to subclass.

Besides, Docsvision 5 provides unique mechanism of adjustablecontext-role security, allowing dynamic control of user rights for activities with objects (including the level of separate fields) depending on user role and object condition in the course of its processing life-cycle.

To secure document authenticity and constancy, necessary for its legal value, there is a supported function of electronic signaturein three variants, which is stipulated under the Russian law (№63-ФЗ):

  • Simple – it is implemented by calculating hashing functions in system intrinsic
  • Enhanced – implemented by integration into external CIPF and PKI via Microsoft CryptoAPI (e.g. Windows intrinsic)
  • Qualified – implemented enhanced-based by using certified CIPF and customized organizational measures




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