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How to save budget funds when implementing e-services?


Most state structures in Ukraine face the challenge of large queues, a complex and long-lasting process of service to citizens. Is it possible today to avoid these problems without implementing complex and expensive software solutions?

The “Personal Citizen’s Account” application by Soft Xpansion Ukraine is an electronic service that allows residents to apply, register for admission to officials and receive administrative services online.

How it works:

  • Step 1. Registration and identification. The residents are logged in and receive online access to their personal accounts. Identification occurs both through Bank ID and via Electronic Digital Signature
  • Step 2. Selection of services and execution of the request. Categories of services that can be provided to residents remotely are set directly by the local government. To receive services, citizens fill in existing templates of applications and documents online and send them to the system
  • Step 3. Getting the results. The results can be obtained online by checking the status of their consideration in the personal office. At the same time, the history of appeals is stored in the system, which makes it more convenient for the further servicing of citizens

Thus, using the “Personal Citizen’s Account”, local authorities solve the problem with queues, reduce the time spent on servicing citizens, avoid potential loss of documents, while saving money during implementation.