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The corporate portal is a unified access point to all resources and business applications as well as an effective mean of organizing the team-work and the paperwork management, of automating business processes, safekeeping and handling of data and of simplifying data exchange between employees, divisions and partners of your company.


Internal data resource of the factory:

  • Structured placement of materials and documents the employees need for their everyday work
  • Organized system of searching documents
  • Publication of information materials: news, messages, announcements, appeals, birthday reminders, congratulations etc.
  • Forums for employees’ communication and quick messages exchange

Team-work mean:

  • «Rooms» of the project teams or divisions
  • Group calendar
  • System of task administration and of task performance control
  • Documentation store with the version control function
  • The wiki-system enables autonomous creating and editing pages (with and without restriction of right to change them)

Integration with other data systems of the enterprise enables creating a common access point to the data from different:

  • Operating the unified Web interface with e-mail, CRM, bookkeeping software etc.
  • Possibility of working with the data stored in different databases and stores of the company etc.

Automation of workflow and of solving management tasks:

  • Office work, various schemes of coordination, clerical office on SharePoint, electronic workflow and archive with powerful means of searching
  • Coordinated work with documents and their concepts in the electronic form
  • Operations with commissions and orders, control and monitoring of their execution

The company Soft Xpansion Ukraine provides the development and the implementation of corporative portals on the basis of the platforms Alfresco, Docsvision, OpenText Documentum, Microsoft SharePoint.




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