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The SX–Government: ASC module is intended for automating the actions of accepting and handling requests for administration services and of issuing the final documents. This solution complies with the actual requirements to the construction of similar systems and to the documents bringing the administration services to regulation.
SX–Government: ASC is one of the modules of the uniform SX–Government system. This module can be used both for automating the administration service centers, autonomously, and in the uniform system including the automation of the general office work, resorts of citizens, internal corporate portal etc.

Benefits of implementation

  • Increased loyalty of citizens owing to convenience, quality and quickness of accepting the requests and of issuing the final documents
  • Simplified process of applying the petitions – minimum actions on the side of the applier
  • Decreased expenditures of time, finances and organizational efforts for offering administration services
  • Possibility of involving allied institutions in order to offer more services in the scope of the “uniform window”
  • Uniform document card for all types of administration services
  • Higher control level of offering the administration services
  • Significantly decreased amount of issued paper documents
  • Automated reporting by different criteria


Main features of the solution

  • Creating the electronic document card: all appropriate data are entered in the electronic form by the ASC operator
  • Automatic generating the petition print form on the basis of entered data about the applier and of the selected administration service
  • Automatic generating the list of necessary documents dependent on the selected administration service
  • Automatic generating the print form of accepted petitioner’s documents and checking their availability
  • Scanning the documents from the electronic card, directly, and automatic linking to it (without intermediate storage on the local disc)
  • Automatic generating the registry number according to the nomenclature of records
  • Accounting the transfer of source documents
  • Automatic sending the e-mail and SMS notifications (from the system, directly) for the petitioner that the documents are ready to be issued
  • Links to other documents
  • Automated business process of document handling which includes: creating, registering, coordinating, resolutions, signing, employing, reporting, deadline checking etc.
  • Storing different document versions (support for versioning)
  • Generating various reports
  • Multi-criteria searching by document card properties
  • Integration with the electronic waiting line






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