Personal reception of citizens by public officials
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In the SX-DMS-Government: “Personal reception” module, the following function of the personal reception of citizens by public officials is employed:

  • Creating a card of every record for reception
  • When creating the personal reception card, there is a possibility to form commissions for carrying out tasks and to address them to the appropriate system users. There is a possibility to check the fulfillment of assignments, too.
  • Automatic creation of an annual list of reception dates for every head officer (on schedule)
  • Automatic forming the line of citizens for the concrete date and for the concrete official
  • Possibility of changing the reception order of citizens and adding new reception records
  • Possibility of adjourning both the reception day (with all reception records for this day) and the concrete citizen on another reception date
  • Possibility of viewing the forthcoming reception days and the citizens recorded for the reception for all officials, at once
  • Personal reception calendar accessible to the official and his assistant. It enables:
    • Viewing own reception days and seeing the data of citizens recorded for reception of them
    • Viewing concrete reception cards
    • Creating controllable resolutions in the reception cards
    • Adjourning the reception on another day
  • Generating and printing the reception day protocol of the appropriate official
  • Generating and printing the citizens reception line of the concrete day
  • SMS informing the citizens about date, time and place of reception and about their in-line number


Citizens’ resorts coming in in electronic form (via company site or e-mail) or a common letters are registered and handled in the Workflow module.




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