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The solution of scanning, recognizing and converting documents based on soft Xpansion and ABBYY technologies is that the processes for recognizing scanned documents occur on the server, but not on each client machine.

The process of scanning a document / a group of documents starts by clicking on one built-in button or selecting the appropriate menu item directly from the electronic document flow system from the user’s working computer. The special interface of the appearing sxScanTool module allows you to perform basic scanning operations, and then the scanned documents are sent to the sX Render & Recognition Service (based on ABBYY Fine Reader Engine and PDF XPANSION Render Center). In turn, the server automatically detects and converts documents and returns them to the sender’s electronic document management system.

The solution includes the ability to convert documents to the invariant format: PDF, PDF / A, images (JPEG, TIFF, etc.), including multipage TIFF files, with the subsequent publication of the document presentation in its card.

Advantages of the solution:

  • Reduced costs of purchasing software for scanning, recognition and conversion – there is no need to buy such software for each client location
  • The process of scanning, recognition and conversion is started from one program (electronic document flow system), which simplifies the work of users and reduces the time for processing documents
  • The only software update process

The cost of the solution is determined by:

  • The number of pages processed when recognizing documents
  • The number of pages processed when converting to invariant formats
  • Types of invariant formats, to which the documents should be converted




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