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Soft Xpansion Ukraine offers modern software solutions and tools based on Alfresco, Docsvision, OpenText Documentum, Microsoft SharePoint platforms that allow to automate the whole complex of typical and specific business processes for agro-industrial enterprises, including agricultural production and trading, agrochemistry, food industry, etc.

The functionality of the solutions covers key management and executive business processes:

  • Developing document management systems
  • Deleloping electronic archive of company documents (regulatory and reference documentation, project documentation, etc.)
  • Automation of contract managementі
  • Deleloping inernal corporate portals
  • Automation of HR-procedures
  • Automation of applications and services
  • Project management
  • Electronic leggaly significant workflow
  • Implementing protected storage and immediate access to the documentation etc.

Решения для бизнеса

The program solutions we offer are easily customized and have typical configurations. Besides, our solutions have got high functionality, reliable protection, scalability and potential of development.

Today, the software solutions offered by Soft Xpansion Ukraine are used with similar success in agricultural enterprises of different types of ownership and sizes: from small and middle-sized businesses to major holdings and corporations.