Soft Xpansion Ukraine has completed putting the system of electronic workflow in Ternopil into operation – soft Xpansion Ukraine
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Soft Xpansion Ukraine has completed putting the system of electronic workflow in Ternopil into operation


By order of Serhii Nadal, the mayor of Ternopil, in early April 2018 an automated system of electronic workflow “SX-Government” from Soft Xpansion Ukraine was put into operation. More than 450 employees of the City Council of Ternopil gained access to the electronic offices of users, which are key elements of the system and allow viewing the necessary working documentation, tasks and instructions.

Now the work on the project is completed, all the planned activities have been implemented, the users of the system have been trained, the pilot operation of the system with additional settings for the needs of the customer has been carried out. “The system operates in a regular mode, ensuring the full operation of all structural units of the City Council of Ternopil. Only during the first week of operation of the SEW has been processed already more than 400 electronic documents, which indicates the powerful capabilities of the system in the direction of speeding up the workflow and improving the quality of service to citizens”, comments Andrii Andriyeshyn, Deputy Head of the Department of Material Support and Information Technologies.

The large-scale project on the implementation of the SED for the City Council of Ternopil lasted more than six months and encompassed the automation of all office work and document management processes. During the period of its implementation Soft Xpansion Ukraine team set up processes for processing incoming, outgoing and internal documents, including orders, protocol orders, extracts from protocols, service and memorandum notes and many other documentation. For reliable storage and quick retrieval of necessary information, an electronic archive of documents was put into operation. Functions for monitoring the implementation of resolutions, corporate calendar, and a directory of personnel were set up.

“All these tools and functions do not just optimize the individual business processes of the customer. Thanks to their integration and synchronization with other working subsystems, they form a single translucid and controlled mechanism for effective interaction of local authorities, society and business”, emphasizes Eduard Prodyedovich, managing director of Soft Xpansion Ukraine. “In turn, the harmonization of relations between the state and citizens is one of the prerequisites for improving the quality of life in Ukraine.”

It should be pointed out that the company Soft Xpansion Ukraine has won an open tender for the implementation of the project to introduce an SEW for the City Council of Ternopil in the fall of 2017.