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alfrescoAlfresco – is an up-to-date platform of the ECM-class (Enterprise Content Management) enabling to develop commonly used solutions. Beside the classic functionality of ECM systems, this platform also contains capabilities of Web Content Management, which allows to use it for constructing general duty portals, for project management and team-working.





Advantages of Alfresco platform and
of solutions based on it


  • Possibility of employing the solutions on a entirely free software stack of server products (operation system, database, application server, development tools), providing low costs of possessing the system and extremely low overhead charges of connecting new users.
  • The platform contains a fully valid “thin-client”, which excludes expenditures for the initial deployment of working places and for updating the client software. It also makes possible to provide safe accessing to the system by protected protocols (HTTPS) for data transfer to “external” users (in particular, from mobile devices)
  • The separately licensed platform version contains fully valid client applications for mobile platforms iOS and Android, which enables you to make working with the platform more convenient to mobile device users
  • This platform belongs to the class of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. In addition, it consists of WCM (Web Content Management) development tools, which enable employing portal-type solutions on its basis, automating the project management tasks and organizing the team-work on production tasks along with solving classic content management tasks as well as with automating business processes and workflow
  • The Alfresco platform is designed to use open technologies and standards on the basis of fully open code, which allows the independent vendors to extend and to enlarge the basic platform functionality, autonomously, as well as to integrate their own solutions with other corporate systems and services, transparently
  • Over 1,800 companies all over the world are using the solution on the basis of Alfresco. More than 1,000 companies are implementing the solutions on this platform. So it is a powerful partnership community for supporting and further developing this platform
  • There are implementations with dozens of thousands parallel users, which is evidence of high productivity and scalability of the platform
  • As compared with the competing ECM products, Alfresco submits extremely low requirements to the hardware. That is why its solutions are considerably more favorable by this factor than the solutions on the basis of other ECM products
  • The solutions on the basis of the Alfresco platform are for many years used in a number of agencies of state and local government in the EU countries and in the USA (Ministry of Justice of France, State Legislature of Nebraska, Supreme Federal Court of Switzerland, Air Forces and Mail Service of France, National Academy of Sciences of the USA , in state legislatures and city councils of Europe and the USA), which is evidence of the high consumer appeals of the platform and of the satisfactory level of its information security.


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