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Captiva product family is essential tool for organizations dealing with processing of large amounts of documents.Any organization which has to work with large amounts of documents knows what a laborious process this is. It is especially important when profit and company image depend on the speed, quality and fidelity of data processing! 




Captiva family products can automatize all the processes associated with processing, filing, storing of large volumes of structured documents. And also provides quick data search and convenient access from anywhere globally.

Main capabilities of Captiva family products:

  • Document scan, file import
  • Identification, verification, collection and export the data from forms to any database, workflow, document or content management system without the need for manual intervention
  • Digital conversion and information processing automation
  • Automated classification of all documents, entering organization, extract the necessary data and following routing

Captiva products reduce operational costs associated with manual document processing, improves information accuracy, reduces operational costs, and improves your customer service quality.




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