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OpenText Documentum – is a comprehensive platform for managing data and workflows in large enterprises. The OpenText Documentum product family allows you to integrate all your technological and decision-making processes and related documents. Operational control and management of any process or document is also possible with the help of the system.


A unified management architecture based on OpenText Documentum – ensures interactivity and communication between different information systems:

  • Process management. Support collaboration, automate discussion and decision-making processes, monitor the implementation of standards, project terms, etc.
  • Content management. Automate document processing at all stages of the lifecycle for a wide range of documents and data: text documents, spreadsheets, drawings, webpages, multimedia files (audio and video), scanned documents and images, XML files, etc.
  • Storage management. Optimize processing, filing and recording, sharing, security, storage control, etc.

Solutions based on the OpenText Documentum platform:

  • Organizational and administrative document management
  • Technological document management
  • Control and processing of applications
  • Digital archiving systems

Industry-specific solutions:

  • Industry
  • Public sector
  • Small and medium business
  • Financial services
  • Insurance companies




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