Electronic document management in the city council of Rohatin
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In the near future, a progressive DMS of Soft Xpansion International will be implemented in Rohatyn.


In the near future, a progressive electronic document flow system of Soft Xpansion International will be implemented in Rohatyn.

Coat of arms of city Rohatin

Recently, the next agreement for developing and implementing the electronic document flow system on the basis of the proprietary software SX-Government was concluded by the Soft Xpansion International corporate group. For once, the company entered into partnership with the Rohatyn City Council.

Automating all management activities in the local power structures means benefits both for government agencies (convenience of process structuring, more effective performing duties by the personnel, time and cost saving etc.) and for citizens (fastness, easiness and convenience of resorts to the government agencies).

SX-Government, the electronic document flow system developed by Soft Xpansion International, is specialized for public and local authorities, because all operating peculiarities of government agencies are considered in it to the most extent. It combines the classic document flow with the key management functions and provides safe, transparent and controlled execution of automated processes for all basic document types, generation of various reports, formation of electronic archives and of a personnel document flow etc.

The main feature of realizing this Soft Xpansion International project for the Rohatyn City is that the electronic document flow system is implemented within the frames of the international program of technical assistance with financial support from Turkey. The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), a government institution, responsible for the extension of technical aid to other countries, allocates funds to this project implementation. Since 1997, TIKA carries out actual projects and programs nationwide in Ukraine. At that, the total budget of Turkish invested finances equaled to 40 million USD.

“This trilateral agreement is an awesome example of what is mutual support and effective partner assistance”, Serhiy Nasalyk, Mayor of Rohatyn, said.

Monument to Roksolana in city of Rohatin

TIKA Ukraine Coordinator Haci Bayram Polathas high hopes for this agreement: “We are pleased to join in the welfare projects in Ukraine again and to look for a new positive experience of cooperation with the government agencies of Rohatyn and with such a high-level IT company as Soft Xpansion International. We would most like, if our cooperation would become a new phase of developing the bilateral relations between Ukraine and Turkey”.

It is interesting to note, that the ancient town of Rohatyn is the birthplace of Roxelana (also: Roxolana, Roxelane). In spite of the ambivalence of this figure and permanent discussions on this subject, the fact remains: Anastasja Havrylivna Lisowska, the wife of Suleyman the Magnificent, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, was the daughter of a priest from Rohatyn. Just during her reign, the period began, which is called by the historians as the reign period of privileged women (known as “Sultanate of Women”).