Новые возможности системы SX-Government
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New version of SX-Government software


Always one step ahead

This is how the credo of Soft Xpansion International sounds. We anticipate the future needs of all users and their desires. Therefore, we constantly improve even the most successful of our software solutions in order to increase their reliability, safety and convenience.

SX-Government has long been in demand on the market of IT-products by state authorities and local self-government. The electronic DMS based on it are introduced in city councils, centers of administrative services and other government agencies in many cities of Ukraine.

It was the popularity of SX-Government that prompted us to make a number of qualitative changes: for the convenience of users, new features of the system are provided, the functionality is expanded, and some changes have also affected the administration system.

More details about these changes:

  • the ability to quickly view the document card and its content directly from the list of documents / tasks without need to open the document / task itself has been added
  • column configuration functionality for displaying documents / tasks in lists; It is possible to save different sets of columns as templates for reuse has been added
  • the functionality to save search queries for their further rapid application has been added
  • the document harmonization functionality has been greatly expanded: it is now possible to design your own document flow routes independently and to save them as templates
  • the profile of the employee has been improved
  • the directory of counterparties has been substantially improved
  • a new, block representation of the organizational structure has been added
  • all the functionality of administration is put in the personal account (dealing with groups of users, directories, templates, audit, etc.)
  • the functionality of auditing of events in the system has been improved.

Each change made in SX-Government is aimed at increasing the efficiency of all processes in the system, making the user’s work as convenient and effective as possible, providing all possible tools and functions.

Soft Xpansion International guarantees a quick and painless transition to an improved system within the framework of the customer support program to its reliable partners. And new customers will be able to assess all of its benefits in full and immediately.